Maintain Muscle Strength and Amplify Field Performance

An innovative product aimed at highly-active outdoor enthusiasts who want unequivocal nutrition that takes up the least amount of space with the least amount of weight. Backcountry adventurers need to optimize recovery throughout their time outdoors. Our peer-reviewed and published studies on the metabolic requirements of backcountry hunting helped us develop an ultra-minimalistic formula that provides complete nutrition for people on-the-go. MINIMUS contains a proprietary amino acid profile uniquely designed to support muscle retention during activity. The fatty acid profile replicates the PUFAs (polyunsaturated fats) found in wild salmon, promoting muscle resilience and reducing inflammation. The malodextrin/fructose blend sustains long term, high-exertion energy requirements. MINIMUS also contains a complete profile of vitamins and minerals, including CoQ10. Best of all, MINIMUS reduces daily food bulk and weight by 50%.

Reduce Your Food Weight and Space

Three Flavor Choices—Just add to 5 oz of hot water and consume a la carte or use it to supercharge your favorite entrée.

Minimus Nutrition