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Backpacking Food Ideas

Minimus in your Meal Kit Exploring backpacking food ideas keeps the menu fresh and the nutrition focused.   Minimus is a powder light nutrition supplement that packs the very most nutrition into the very least weight. With the goal to maintain muscle tone and strength in endurance and backcountry situations, Minimus is a blend of plant-based protein, essential amino acids and instantized key nutrients that ensure your nutrient needs are met. So how can you use it? Minimus can be [Read More...]

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Backpack Camping Tips

Five Tips to Reduce Backpack Camping Weight Reducing your backpack weight allows you to travel further, faster and more comfortably. That is why outdoor adventurers focus on packing light weight gear and just the essentials for backpack camping. It is important to determine your survival needs and never compromise your health or safety on the trail as you decide what to keep or discard from your backpack. Here are five tips to reduce your backpack weight while still carrying everything [Read More...]

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