Key Minimus Nutrition Notes

Why Essential Amino Acids and not plant-based proteins?

The bioavailability and digestibility of plant proteins are generally inferior to meat proteins. Learn more from this review published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. The review examines amino acid bioavailability from ingested protein in relation to gut health.

Nutritional scienceWhat the heck is Sacha Inchi? 

The protein quality of plant proteins, determined by the digestibility, availability and profile of essential amino acids (EAAs), are generally inferior to animal protein. Sacha Inchi is a rare exception to modest extent that also contains PUFAs. Learn more about the sacha inchi.

The specific EAA profile of Minimus matters!

The provision of EAAs in Minimus closely replicates the EAA profile found in wild caught salmon or free range ungulates.