Minimus featured in the Media

Rokslide podcast

 May 2023 Featured on the Rokslide Podcast.

Listen along as Larry Bartlett and Dr. Robert Coker of the Minimus team talk with Ryan Avery from the Rokslide podcast. They discuss their hunting backgrounds, and what inspired the creation of their product; Minimus. They cover the field studies that contributed to the development of their formula, flavor evolution and more.

Revolutionizing Hunting Nutrition and Beyond

Hunt Alaska Magazine – Summer 2023 Issue featured on

Author and co-creator, Larry Bartlett, writes about the development of Minimus Nutrition. Inspired to reduce pack weight and backed by rigorous field studies, the Minimus team introduces their product, a super lightweight powder with maximized muscle maintenance payout.

Alaska Backcountry Expeditionary Hunting Promotes Sustained Muscle Protein Synthesis

Wilderness and Environmental Medicine Journal (Volume 34, Issue 2) Featured on

Delve into the science. This study observes the energy expenditure and muscle protein synthesis during remote hunting in Alaska. Learn the methods used by the Minimus team and researchers to determine how much energy hunters need and use in the backcountry.

Hunt Quietly podcast

June 2023 Episode 62 featured on Hunt Quietly

Minimus co-creator Larry Bartlett is interviewed by Matt Rinella discussing hunting etiquette and sustainability in Alaska and the development of Minimus Nutrition with the goal to reduce the total food kit weight by 50% while maximizing nutrient density.