Meal Plan Ideas: Achieve Optimal Nutrition
and Reduce Pack Weight with Minimus

A nutrient dense meal kit is vital when you are carrying all of your food in the backcountry. Packability, shelf life, and product weight are also top considerations when planning your nutrition for the field. Meal plans supplemented by Minimus® provide superior delivery of essential amino acids, adequate fuel, and physiological resilience under these circumstances. You will realize these benefits even more when added to solid food.

To inform the product development of Minimus, we measured total energy expenditure in backcountry hunters and adventure athletes during remote expeditions in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. This information was then utilized to formulate the nutritional constituents of Minimus that meet the needs of hunters, military operators, backcountry explorers and endurance athletes under similar circumstances. We have shared some examples below to help you plan your own meal kit for the field. These suggestions allow for easy substitution depending on personal preferences.

Minimus is also gut friendly! One major benefit to Minimus plan guidelines is that it will not slow you down or make you feel sluggish in the field like a large meal can. Individual essential amino acids are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to the muscle without excess redistribution of blood flow to the gut. 

Two servings of Minimus/day or about 8 grams/day, in conjunction with nutritious foods, will ensure fuel delivery and muscle retention  These plans will reduce the overall weight of your food kit and keep you moving in the backcountry.

Whether you like to keep it interesting and mix it up or are a creature of habit and have your ideal plan down, we would love to hear about your backpacking food ideas. Shoot us an email.

Nutrition Plan 1: 180-200 lb. Male

Meal plan

8-Day Meal Plan: 120-125 lb. Female

meal plan for 120-125 woman