Minimus in your Meal Kit

Exploring backpacking food ideas keeps the menu fresh and the nutrition focused.  

Minimus is a powder light nutrition supplement that packs the very most nutrition into the very least weight. With the goal to maintain muscle tone and strength in endurance and backcountry situations, Minimus is a blend of plant-based protein, essential amino acids and instantized key nutrients that ensure your nutrient needs are met.

So how can you use it? Minimus can be combined with 5oz of hot water to create a quick, nutrient boost, or; you can combine Minimus with your favorite backpacking food to enhance the nutrition to sustain muscle tone and strength. Here are a few of our favorite backpacking food ideas incorporating Minimus into your regime.

Cocoa Dust

Minimus Cocoa Dust is our chocolate flavor. Mix one packet of Minimus Cocoa Dust with 5 oz of hot water for a fast, nutrient packed hot cocoa, or add a packet to your morning coffee to create a mocha with a huge nutrient enhancement.

But you can take backpacking food ideas to the next level if you are game to explore. Cocoa Dust can be a great supplement to your favorite breakfast. Mountain House Granola tossed with a Minimus Cocoa Dust packet brings a hint of chocolate with a significant nutrition boost. Our other favorite breakfast combinations with Cocoa Dust are Pack it Gourmet Good Day Sunshine Bowl and Backpackers Pantry Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal. The chocolatey flavor of Cocoa Dust adds a little treat to breakfast and a lot of essential nutrients. 

And don’t forget dessert! When have you earned it more after a long day traipsing through the mountains. Mix a packet of Cocoa Dust in with Backpackers Pantry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake for a truly decadent chocolate experience that will sustain muscle tone and strength.

Tater Dust

Tater Dust is our potato flavor and can be added to existing meals for a variety of backpacking food ideas. Mix one packet of Minimus Tater Dust with 5oz of hot water for a fast, nutrient boosted serving of mashed potato. 

Minimus Tater Dust can be stirred into so many of your favorite backpacking foods. It makes an excellent addition to breakfast with the Mountain House Breakfast Skillet. Or, turn your Mountain House Chicken and Mashed Potato Dinner into not only a delicious and satisfying meal, but one with the micronutrients to sustain the most activity for the very least weight in your meal kit. Tater Dust makes an excellent addition to Pack It Gourmet Shepherd’s Cottage Pie and Backpacker’s Pantry Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Beef. 

Mater Dust

Mater Dust is our tomato flavor. Mix one packet of Minimus Mater Dust with 5 oz of hot water for a fast, nutrient packed cup of tomato soup.

There are many tasty ways to combine Minimus Mater Dust with your meal plan. The Mountain House Spicy Southwest Style Skillet is delicious with the additional tomato and the nutrient boost will sustain your muscles throughout your activity. Mater Dust can easily be blended into meals like Mountain House Beef Stew and Pack It Gourmet Pasta Beef Bolognese where the tomato flavor compliments and blends with the ingredients seamlessly while providing an enormous nutrient boost. Pack It Gourmet Texas State Fair Chili is another favorite combination with Mater Dust. Mater Dust is a great addition to a lightweight package of ramen noodles.

Minimus can be blended into any food you enjoy in the backcountry and on your endurance adventures, whether you choose premium outdoor meal kits like Mountain House, Pack it Gourmet or Backpacker’s Pantry, or you prefer to make your own recipes, Minimus provides the essential nutrient enhancement to ensure that you maintain muscle mass and strength throughout your adventure.