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*This shelf-stable product has a November 2023 expiration date set by the co-packer. However, we are confident the product itself, if stored in a cool and dry environment, will be viable if consumed within 2 years as long as the package seals remain intact. In light of this expiration date, a 50% discount applies on all orders.

Food supplements come in all forms. Minimus provides perfect nutrition ideally prepared for backcountry adventurers. Between the lightweight nano delivery system and the proprietary blend aimed at maintaining your physiology at peak fitness levels, MinimusNutrition is a food supplement suited for life outside. Are you new to Minimus Nutrition? Consider one of our flavor samplers available in a 3-pack or 6-pack. Each of our samplers contains all three flavors—Tater Dust, Mater Dust, and Cocoa Dust. Try them all and experiment with a variety of meals to enhance your nutrition and you will see benefits in the field.

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Food Supplement Flavor Sampler: Comes with Tater Dust, Mater Dust and Cocoa Dust single or double servings.

Have you ever felt drained from excessive calorie burn during backcountry adventures that require much endurance? That’s where Minimus Nutrition comes in. Your body works optimally when you basic metabolic needs are in harmony. Minimus Nutrition is the proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals, high-quality plant protein, omega-3 fatty acids, coenzyme Q10, and citrulline in a palatable format. Imagine all the varieties of meals you can enhance using our three staple flavors. We recommend getting started with one of our Flavor Samplers to see which you like best, then taking advantage of our multi-case discount for your preferred flavors.

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