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*This shelf-stable product has a November 2023 expiration date set by the co-packer. However, we are confident the product itself, if stored in a cool and dry environment, will be viable if consumed within 2 years as long as the package seals remain intact. In light of this expiration date, a 50% discount applies on all orders.

Lightweight backpacking food supplement made from natural food elements using advanced science to bring it to its macro state. Inside you’ll find perfect nutrition that when added to water or your existing lightweight backpacking food entrees, you’ll protect your muscle mass and perform with more strength and energy in the field. Use Minimus Nutrition to enhance your nutrition and lighten your load.

Purchase Minimus Nutrition lightweight backpacking food supplement in single units or buy them in the case price for an additional discount. Available in Tater Dust, Mater Dust and Cocoa Dust.

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For some additional ideas on meals to pair with lightweight backpacking food, visit the first in our series of recipe ideas.

Package Weights:
Tater Dust: 57 grams
Mater Dust: 24 grams
Cocoa Dust: 25 grams

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Cocoa Dust, Mater Dust, Tater Dust


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